Saturday, 21 February 2009

Halogen Motion Mix

Iambic asked me to make a mix for his Phuture Frequency drum and bass centered radio podcast site. The Motion Podcast section deals with mixes of various genres and has some really great stuff up there. My mix has some tracks of many of the people i have mentioned in the Frequency posts on this blog, also included are some previews from my debut album, an awesome track from a recent find: Friendly Foliage, and also a track from my mate Dirty Long Legs who is also one quarter of our 80s inspired music power team (all will be revealed).

Juri - Thought It Was Love
Saine - Live A Little
Friendly Foliage - The Way to The Western Sea
Jonti Danimals - Nightshift in Blue
Rumpistol - Rehux
Praveen - Float
Dirty Long Legs - Eugene and Ezra
Halogen - Millicent
Juri - Void
Bluermutt - Shaping My Vision of a Nice Day
Helios - Shoulder to Hand
Halogen - Etik
Fennesz - Perfume for Winter
Listen and download here

Monday, 16 February 2009

Free We Yes You No track


The Maternity website is growing! Although still in its prepubescent developing stages, i am happy to announce that the track 'I Live In NY' by We Yes You No is available for free to download off the maternity website.
Its a delicate and melancholy piece of music that commences the gradual release of their entire EP 'Somewhere on a Train' and it's awesome so go on and download it.

Monday, 9 February 2009

You Are Atlas


I finally uploaded the album to
i thought it was safest there, it's a magical place and people actually listen to your music, which is nice.
Continuing with the previous ethos employed by the past albums, all music is improvised and recorded on to cassette tape. This means there is a lot of muffled whispers and random clattering, which can be interpreted as added 'ambience' if you like...
I condensed about 3 hours of material into 8 separate tracks, its very strange, but i like that and hope you will too.
Download Link

Friday, 6 February 2009

Halogen Remix Competition


The mythical creatures of the suggested a separate remix EP of my track 'Length & Brecht' that appears on the epic and awesome IDMF002 - Concord compilation.
Amongst all the parts I also included the two complete raw audio takes of vocals that i recorded courtesy of the lovely Rose.
Deadline for entries is 30th March
Join the forum and download the stems here.
Download IDMF002-Concord.