Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Bent Wires

Here's something the Snoot sent me via StumbleupOn.com (no.1 all time procrastination tool). It's certainly one of the more brutal devices i've seen, doubles up as a weapon complete with a blood curdling scream to alarm enemies. More info and videos at www.pinktentacle.com.
I'm building a collection of broken, borrowed and stolen kids toys to rewire in the hope to create my own Modified Toy Orchestra. These guys are insane, no midi, no synths, just crazy modified toys.

Bent Not Broken - A short documentary about a group of circuit benders

Useful Circuit Bending Sites:

Wikipedia - Circuit Bending - Brief article on the history and innovators of the experimental process.
Modified Toy Orchestra - The official band wesbsite.
Circuitbenders.co.uk - Mod shop, tips and tricks for all your circuit bending needs.
Anti-theory.com - Rewiring pioneer, Reed Ghazala's personal website.
Casperelectronics.com - Crazy gadgets and custom creations.
GetLoFi.com - Diagram for circuit bending the infamous 'Speak n' Spell'.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Music made with Rubik's® Cubes?


The website reads:

"The Cubing audiovisual performance explores performative gestures through the relationship between colour and sound. The manipulation of simple Rubik's® cubes under video cameras sets off a chain of introspective synthesis and digital treatment. In this setup, the cube is an intuitively and precisely controllable audiovisual instrument."

So basically its two guys moving coloured blocks at cameras and creating insane glitchtastic textures. There's two movies demoing what the stuff is capable of here (35min.) and here (7min.).

Future Music @ The Scala, London

Friday 19th September, 10pm - 6am
Friday 17th October, 10pm - 6am
275 Pentonville Road
London, N1 9

OK, i'm bias. Blood Tribe is hosting a room at this events so obviously i have a duty to promote, but it's my first post and i'm going to post something i know.

The guys I work with run by the ethic: "we only put on parties that we would want to go to" and in my opinion, they have it nailed. 4 rooms, each with a designated genre aesthetic, Breaks, Minimal, Dubstep and Glitch are the core environments but are peppered with curiously named futuristic sub-genres of the neo-culture: Future Funk | Glitch-Hop | Tech-Funk | Tech-House to name a few. But don't let these cross-pollinated titles confuse you, they are all just other names for dirty, squelchy, beats and bass. Call it what you will, it all sounds incredible to me.

As well as a generous handful of UK producers the Future Music boys have flown in some of the freshest talent off the other side of the planet;

Epcot and Salva - San Francsico based MC and producer writing funky glitched out mid-tempo tunes with a super sheen, only to be played loud.

VibesquaD - Stripped back bass driven funkaphonics from Colorado based, Aaron Holstein.

The Glitch Mob - These guys are like the rock stars of the West Coast Glitch-Hop scene (to me anyway), flawless production from Ooah, Boreta, Kraddy and edIT.

Nosaj Thing - LA resident and Electronic criminal mastermind, Jason Chung, marries moody melodies with sultry hip-hop rhythms, currently unsigned, but sure to snapped up by the major label moguls..Warp anyone?

Hol Baumann - OK France isn't on the other side of the globe but this guy's music is incredibly moving and powerful. Downtempo electronica with a distinctive 'woody' tone.

Krill.Minima - Again, Germany, not so far away. No matter. Mega ambient and luscious melodic textures from this Native State Records resident.

If all goes to plan, world domination is imminent for Future Music (not to be confused with an equally excellent electronic magazine, but that could also be interesting).

For more info click the flyer or go to www.myspace.com/futuremusicevents