Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Bent Wires

Here's something the Snoot sent me via StumbleupOn.com (no.1 all time procrastination tool). It's certainly one of the more brutal devices i've seen, doubles up as a weapon complete with a blood curdling scream to alarm enemies. More info and videos at www.pinktentacle.com.
I'm building a collection of broken, borrowed and stolen kids toys to rewire in the hope to create my own Modified Toy Orchestra. These guys are insane, no midi, no synths, just crazy modified toys.

Bent Not Broken - A short documentary about a group of circuit benders

Useful Circuit Bending Sites:

Wikipedia - Circuit Bending - Brief article on the history and innovators of the experimental process.
Modified Toy Orchestra - The official band wesbsite.
Circuitbenders.co.uk - Mod shop, tips and tricks for all your circuit bending needs.
Anti-theory.com - Rewiring pioneer, Reed Ghazala's personal website.
Casperelectronics.com - Crazy gadgets and custom creations.
GetLoFi.com - Diagram for circuit bending the infamous 'Speak n' Spell'.

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