Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Frequency Six

Recent finds from myspace searches and magic humans...

Lou Breed
Really love this guys stuff, reminded me of Danimals (formerly Jonti Danimals). Very simple composition, rolling drums and just awesome vocals. 'I Stole This Hat' and 'Cardboard Hands' are my favourite but they all are awesome (all song on the myspace really quiet).

Origami Biro
Shown to me by the very special Dan Fluid. Delicate and beautiful acoustic loops with micro-sounds woven inbetween, the track Vitreous Detachment is featuring in my April mix for Fluid Radio.

Hes done an awsome remix of my track Length & Brecth and the rest of his stuff is pretty promising. Kinda funky trip-hop with a slight cinematic glaze. My description are becoming less accurate and more food related. Check out 'Macavity' and 'Pretty Colours'.

Dam Funk
This is Future Funk. I've listened to the song Gold on infinite repeat since my friend (a dope photographer) showed it to me. Patrick Holderness i love you, infact Dam Funk is just a catalyst for my undying affection.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Drop-D Interview


Following up from a mention about my free EP, Drop-d's Adam Lacey very kindly offered me an interview about me and my music! Admitedly it's very strange to eloquently translate my music into a coherent piece of prose, but i think i managed to do it with out sounding too pretentious...i hope. A big thanks to Tenaka whose been spreading the word about my stuff to the Irish folk, without him this wouldn't have happened. Cheers bro!

Read the full interview here.

Monday, 2 March 2009


So as i was casually scouring the internet for mentions of my music, i came across a review of my EP on a Russian website! I asked googled to translate it for me:

"Maternity Media Svezhezapuschenny site celebrates its first creation in a series of free artist album release Halogen (Adam Janota-Bzowski).Music E to the core IDM and ambient in one bottle. can only pozhelate British comrades every development, success and a lot of releases, which would write that."
How sweet of them.

I did find a new review (in English) that Minimax wrote, describing my music as deep and sexy downtempo electronica.....mmmmmm.
Click here to see the whole review