Friday, 30 January 2009

Frequency Five

Over the past week i have been doing some intense Myspace rummaging, contacting a plethora of musicians to get them to listen to my music. Along the way i found some really incredible artists, who also have some beautiful free releases.

A nice dude from Finland, he directed me to his free 'Thought It Was Love EP', filled with slowly weaved and fragmented guitars, whistling synths and subtle rhythms. Annoyingly short, but nonetheless very stunning and beautfifully produced.

Another inhabitant of Finland, what is it with these guys? His 'Clockwork EP' uses wonky and sterile beats surrounded by jazzy riffs and glowing melodic swells. The composition is really impressive, so simple that it requires many listens to appreciate the craft used.

Jonti Danimals
This music is very special. Its is also very difficult to describe. There is an aged and weathered texture to the overall sound, as though written and pressed to vinyl in the 1940's and then sampled by Animal Collective. Very jubiliant and playful, this Australian has some impressive times ahead. A must listen!

I first met Guy only recently through recommendation of a mutual friend, and i hope to soon be collaborating with him on some obscure music. He showed my a demo for his most recent album which conjured an image of Portico Quartet playing God Is an Astronaut. His free download EPs however show a far more ambient and subtle approach to its content, calm and serene and impeccably constructed

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Anonymous said...

Nice finds
Love the juri sound especially ;)