Friday, 4 September 2009

Album Update 2


Sent off 12 press packs today to various publications and radio heads, still have more to make and send. Went all out on the design in an attempt to make it more interesting for the person receiving the package, now i just hope they listen to the CD and give it a good review!
Giant hi-5 to my sister, Anna, for helping me out with the whole process, no one else will ever know the many ridiculous draft messages that were written to David Stubbs and Derek Walmsley of The Wire magazine.
Each jiffy bag was spray painted matt black with the address written in silver.
On the back was a stencil of a halogen bulb (made by magic Jake) along with the return address.
As wells as a copy of the press release and the album, was a black card each with its own unique photo i had taken and a personal message. This was then bundled up with string and stuffed in the bag.




Guy said...

shame they forgot to stick any audio on the cd...


travis said...

those are awesome-looking press kits! makes me want to ask for one, even though i'm trying to reduce my cd collection to prepare for a [possible] move...

Anonymous said...

looks fantastic, dude!