Thursday, 1 October 2009

IG88 - Mututal Mastication

Mutual Mastication marks the second full length solo release from the IDMf net label since the grandiose cyborg-tronica from Synaecide's Scientifica. Being a community of musicians brimming with talent, the label has yet to fully define its 'sound' beyond the extremely liberal constrictions of IDM. However there is one constant throughout their catalogue and that is sheer quality.
release is no exception. Moving through the brooding 80's darkwave aesthetic of album opener Poission D'avril to the rolling rhythms and luminous melodies of An Ice Cube's Sunrise, you can feel a overwhelming sense of majesty in the music and we're only half way through.
Overall the album feels very visual, possibly influenced from the psychedelic track titles, but images of hazy digital forests and purple smoke fill my mind, extremely dreamy yet never sedating. I also contribute a remix of the track Nebulous Eyes which acts as the album closer, so there's another reason to go and get this musical gem for FREE.

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BLAOO! said...

cool.. I collected your business card at uni of bton for your degree show. I'm really intrigued to see how ppl are promoting themselves after their degrees so it was pretty much bingo to see what you're doin with your packaing of your cd and all.. well fresh and congrats for the reveiw. best of luck and I am looking forward to see and hear more frm you. Hannah