Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Frequency Seven

There are many things i want to say, but, alas, i have no time.
I am in the middle of making my final year uni project (some kind of interactive installation involving glass bowls...)
thus, in haste...

Comfort Fit
Awesome abstract hip-hop, that i believe, nowdays, one calls 'wonky'.
You can grab his Forget And Remember LP for free on his website.
Definitely go an download it.

Very well thought and out and excellent composed glitchy techno.
Just got his track out on the first release from Wigflex. There website has awesome artwork and graphics.

Haunting post-rock electronica with a signature eerie falsetto.
Really tight production and sound design.
Download his track The Dance of Mechanical Birds for free here
a very intense but awesome 17 minutes.

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