Monday, 27 July 2009

Frequency Eight

It's been a furiously intense few months; festivals, friends, graduation and 'real life' stuff that extends beyond the realms of cybersocial journal banter. However along the way, as usual, i have heard some awesome new music that must be shared. Enjoy.

The XX
Saw this band at Loop festival on recommendation of a friend. Apparently they use to be really bad but at present their songs hold a melancholy sweetness that remains upbeat without descending in to the 'slit your wrists' side of somber music. Very understated stage presence, all four members dressed in black looking very serious. They were awesome.

Another gem from my musical advisor Mr. Holderness. 2-step beautifulness with lush garage vocals. Tres Bo.
Listen to Phonebox EP: Last.FM

Junior Boys
Just the kind of 80s visionary pop magic that is in abundance at the moment; MGMT, La Roux, Ladyhawke, Empire of The Sun etc, except far more genuine sounding with less of that Hollywood gloss and ambitious hair.

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