Tuesday, 18 August 2009


'Retrospectre' will be dedicated to those dusty musical masterpieces that i have had the pleasure of rediscovering. Like 'Frequency' only with old stuff that's been around a while.
first up:

Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
My goodness. This album hit me in the face with such intensity i nearly wept at its ferocious magnitude. One of the greatest rock records of all time, fill of sweeping melodies, bone crushing riffs and BIG BEATS. Ozzy is on top form, reminding us why he deserve the legend that follows him, and Iommi's guitar is heavier than any over produced metal record ive heard the last 20 years. Stand out tracks: 'Sabbra Cadabra' / 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath' / 'A National Acrobat'

Coldplay - Parachutes
I've received a lot of stick for listening to the album, but it's fantastic.
Before Coldplay were a chart topping stadium rock band naming children after fruit baskets they were (still chart topping) post-uni boys making heart tugging tracks. The balance of instrumentation is impeccable (thanks to Ken Nelson production) and every member shows true skill with their instruments. The guitar have a post rock epicness to them, the bass is melodic and never stagnant, the drums are inventive and pronounced and Chris Martin's voice is angelic.
So so so so good.
Stand out tracks: 'Shiver' / 'Spies' / 'Sparks'

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